Post race report

Yesterday was my first half marathon, I would like to say thank you for running such a well-organised event, starting from advice on parking all the way through to the finish. Plenty of water stations and the marshals were excellent.
[We love our marshals – Ed.]

2018 Race Director’s report.
With a cool crisp start, the 400 runners set off from Days Green in Headcorn Village for the start of the 5th Annual Headcorn Half Marathon. Niall Stewart (Medway and Maidstone) showed his intention from the off and quickly built a commanding lead over any chasers. This continued to grow as he sped around the course and his winning time of 1.12.27 was a new personal best and over 5 minutes quicker than his winning time back in 2015. New Eltham Joggers sent a large contingent and it was their Martyn Millard who come home in 2nd with a 1:20:16. He was followed by Ben Comery in 3rd, recording 1:20:45.
The ladies were led home by Liz Weeks in 1:24:23 (Sittingbourne Striders). Paddock Wood’s Becky Morrish was 2nd in 1:29:31 and Jennifer Wood took the final podium spot in 1:30:49. The team of 4 winners were Paddock wood AC with a combined time of 5:24:03.

As an entrant to this year,’s event, can I pass on my thanks to the organisers and the whole team involved in making this a very enjoyable and well-organised event. I hope it continues, and that the running community can get behind the event and make it as popular as it deserves to be.
Thank you


I just wanted to say thank you for a very enjoyable event and also thank you for our prize. We shall save it for a special occasion! All the best to you.

Thank you for such great organisation of a Race today. The Headcorn Half didn’t have much sunshine today but lots of smiling faces and support from all those that helped with the smooth running. The change of start point was really good idea. Had a great time and beat last year’s time by over 9 minutes! Thanks again. See you soon.

Not sure if this is the right email address to send this. But a big thank you to the Headcorn Half organisation team, everything was spot on ! A great route and a good atmosphere. It was my first Half Marathon and I just loved it.

I had never ever heard of the Headcorn Half before I entered, the only way I found this was because this was one of the only races google told me that was on that was in line with my marathon training plan in my area.
I arrived at Headcorn to an incredibly underwhelming atmosphere, apart from the odd toilet sign, the “Registration this way” sign and a few dozen people dressed in Lycra, you would not know that a half marathon was taking place.
I got into the local school hall, picked up my number very quickly and had a lot of time to kill. Apart from a seemingly DIY start line and a few portaloos, there was not a lot there for anyone to do pre-race. Thank goodness for the local swing park for my two boys, my grandad and uncle to keep them entertained while I ran!
As we were about to start, the gentleman with he starting horn arrived and informed us this was a lovely race with “Jaffa cakes at the end with water along the route!” This got a round of applause from everyone, however I was starting to get a tad worried about the oncourse entertainment, no earphones and only Jaffa cakes at the end? I prefer the smaller races but this one was seemingly tiny in comparison to other local runs I’ve done. I was starting to think how I would stay motivated during the race….
My worries and concerns disappeared at the first corner. This was a magnificent and really competitive race. There were many times when those who passed me had a smug look on their face, followed by a look of bewilderment when I overtook them and then another look of smugness when they managed to get past me again. Very rarely am I overtaken in races or do I overtake people so this was a really exciting race for me, incredibly competitive and I was loving it. There was a lack of support around the course itself and the no earphones rule could’ve made this a boring race for some, but not for me. This was brilliant.
Although the scenery was lovely, it wasn’t unique: very similar to that of the Maidstone Half or Paddock Wood Half. It was very green around country lanes and not too hilly which was nice.
The start line also acted as the finish line and I crossed it in 1:27:38 with a 22nd chipped finish. Not my best time or position for a half but I didn’t care, it was a great race and one I couldn’t recommend enough. For just over £20 too it was an absolute bargain and one I will certainly do again if schedule permits.
I thought this would be a quiet, low key affair. It was and that’s what added to the magic of it.


Just a message to say how much I enjoyed Headcorn on Sunday. This was my second half and I decided to include the run in my training for London as I had heard good things-you didn’t disappoint! Well organised and everything appeared to run smoothly. Great route and even enjoyed the incline at 9.5miles as the downhill part was perfect!
Will be back next year and have passed on my recommendation to my friends!

P.s. Very pretty medal 🙂

Just wanted to email and say thanks for another lovely race on Sunday – finally broke the 2 hour mark for a half, taking nearly 5 minutes off my PB! Appreciated all the marshalls out in some terrible conditions so well done.

Just a brief note to thank you and your staff for making today’s Headcorn Half such a fantastic event.Well Done to everyone . I look forward to next year’s event.

Hi Mike, thanks for another excellent event today. Much better for runners than marshalls today so big thanks to all those great people who were out on the course.

I would just like to pass on my thanks to all the organisers and marshals for today. It was a very well organised event and I am very grateful to everyone for the encouragement on the route, especially as the weather was not particularly kind to us.
It was my 1st half marathon & I’m glad I chose to run it at Headcorn. Many thanks again.


We didn’t put athlete comments here in 2015 – no idea why, especially as we didn’t make our own race report. Doh!

2014 Previously, an earlier Headcorn Half…
Despite a few adverse comments overall the feedback was 98% positive , a lot of runners managed p.b’s despite a strong headwind on the way back which really didn’t help . The HQ was quite overcrowded at one stage yet the toilets coped and no massive q’s formed , we shall look to hiring a much bigger venue for next year . The green was essential in spreading the field out before hitting the main road , it also made up part of the overall distance so it will always be included (The chip timers WILL NOT put their mats down in a road that has traffic using it ) . The water and feed stations will be moved slightly as a lot of you have requested , the mile markers will be checked again for accuracy but we have noticed , as did quite a few runners  , that the GPS links and data in the area does seem to be quite varied ? As we move on to 2015  we will improve those areas highlighted but accept that , as per virtually every event in the country there will never be “the perfect race ” for everybody !!!