Post race report

2017, March 19

As a stranger to the area your directions were great. We arrived in plenty of time and easily found a space.
Really enjoyed the run…. See you all again next year! Thanks

Hi all at Running and Riding
Just wanted to say ‘Thanks’ for a fantastic experience today. Great route (flat!) and organisation and facilities were superb!
Looking forward to next year’s run!

Just wanted to say thank you – absolutely loved the run this morning and had a great time. Thanks.

2016, March 20

Thank you so much for looking after me today.
Well done for putting on a great event!
All the best,

Just wanted to say thanks for the great run this morning….lots of smiling faces and supportive cheers…

I had a great run thanks.
So well organized I needn’t even have bothered buying safety pins before the race in readiness!
It was a great day.
Many thanks to everyone.

Thanks for a well organised race.

I just wanted to say thank you all for such a friendly and well organised event last Sunday.
It was only my second 10k and I thought it was very encouraging.
Thank you and Happy Easter.

(we must do more race reports and publish your comments more often)

2013, March 24

The guys at Trek & Run have penned an excellent report of the race, very much from the runners’ perspective, including a brilliant video. ¬†It’s great to have some media coverage, somewhere for the runners to find themselves in action and an idea of how the race goes for next year’s newcomers. ¬†Thanks chaps.